FAQ About Buying a Best Mattress NZ

Shop a Mattress in NZ Store?

Most kiwis tend to stick with old fashion way – to shop a mattress in store. Check out as many beds as you can not only you get to know the varieties of mattresses available and also it is the best way to feel it before buying it – simply lay down on one.

If you are buying a mattress worth thousands of dollars, it would easily slow down your pace on rushing into a decision, and it won’t take long for you to start to feel that all mattresses are about the same. So do take your time in store and lay on each of your most preferred mattress for at least 10 minutes before you go on to the next one.

Oh and before you take out your credit card and give it a big swipe, you should always know that you are also paying for store rent, sales commissions, services, brochures, store lighting…etc.

Shop a mattress NZ online?

Shop a mattress NZ online is no longer something new but it provides a great alternative option for those of you wanting to save BIG! And maybe just simply don’t have time to shop store to store.

Well, nope you won’t get as many choices and services and depending on where you are looking, you may still see mattresses with different quality level. But the price you are paying has been cut down to a simpler markup structure, mostly just material cost itself and transportation fees.

Yes you may have to pay shipping separately, but the good news is that the technology nowadays allows mattresses to be vacuum packed – they are rolled up by special technique so they come in as mattress in a box. This allows much bigger savings on transportation and handling – more likely for bigger savings on you. And also it allows you to carry it by yourself to your bedroom while staying nice and small.

So you might think if there is anything online store that offers both benefits? Well, find nowhere else because at TreasureBox, we now have mattresses available to view, feel and lay on it at our mattress Auckland showroom and yet, we are an online based store!

What NZ Bed sizes do you have?

We stock most NZ bed sizes and most common are standard single bed, queen bed, king bed and up to super king beds. Unfortunately we don’t have California king bed at the moment though.

Make sure you have figured out which NZ bed size would suit you and your bedroom before your visit to our showroom or even other local stores as you may not be able to check on all bed sizes.

If you prefer bouncy beds

Bonnell spring mattress is also know as coil spring mattress and the inner spring is made to be interconnected together. Hence it would give much more bounciness and probably more fun to throw yourself into it. But it also gives much more partner disturbance if you are buying a mattress for you and your partner.

Otherwise pocket spring mattress would be most commonly preferred and most of our mattresses comes with this inner structure system.

If you need extra back support NZ mattress

With inner pocket spring being zoned into five, it would take in pressure more wisely along the human body contour. The Premier Back Support Mattress helps on ease back pain by its firmness and it is popular for being a simple foam mattress but expert in back support.

This firm mattress is available for Super king bed, King bed, Queen bed, Double bed, King single bed and Single bed.

Another great alternative mattress would be the Luxury Latex Mattress. It is a seven-zone pocket spring mattress topped not only with dense foam but also an extra layer of natural latex. Making it the best latex mattress NZ for those of you looking for mattress with back support but also with more comfort by being medium firm mattress.

If comfort is your only focus

Memory foam mattress would simply fulfill comfort requirement – Ultra Comfort Memory Foam Mattress has a five-zone pocket spring inner structure, topped with dense foam but it is not as simple as a foam mattress but also got an extra comfy layer of memory foam making it one of best mattress NZ.

My apologies for not mentioning all above mattress we have is quilted with breathable and hypoallergenic fabric with ultra soft touch.

Words are getting hard to describe how awesome these mattresses are so why not come in and check on them yourself today?





Mattress Buying Guide – How To Choose A Mattress?

Mattress Buying Guide – How To Choose A Mattress Just Right For You

Does ‘sleep like a baby’ been sound like a myth to you?  Couldn’t even have good night sleep? Or wake up with pain every now and then?

We spend one third of our life in bed and we talked about how some people just don’t have good sleeping quality. I am sure there are people changing several mattresses throughout the years just to get improved sleeping quality.

The hard part is that sleeping quality does not have a certain standard, everyone would have their own unique experience by sleeping on a same mattress, and because it varies from one to another, the definition of ‘best mattress’ would be different for everyone.

Today, I am going to go through a few things about mattresses and hopefully you would be able to find a mattress just right for you.

Types of Mattresses

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattress are made by vertical spring individually enclosed into a non-woven fabric pocket, it forms fundamental structure by sitting tightly next to each other. Because they are individually placed in, they offered unique feature of minimised partner disturbance by greatly reduced motion transfer.  These pocket spring can be arranged in zones for its different support ability – ie: Harder spring being placed in the hip zone to offer more support.

Bonnell Spring Mattress

It is the most cost efficient choice, it is structured by using inter-connecting metal coil to link all spring together, so it acts as a whole spring block. However structure like this would make partner disturbance inevitable and another common issue is the spring tends to squeak after a while from coil rubbing against  the springs.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is mold-able hence provides better contour and support to your body. Does not create any noise coming from inner mattress and for its porous nature, it is hypoallergenic. It is often being combined and layered with specialised gel to provide better temperature so it doesn’t get too hot in summer.  But it is not hard to imagine you would have to increase your budget. I think a good layer of mattress topper would be a great alternative.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex is the most costy material amongst all, it shares the common of support and contour as memory foam, good flexibility, makes no noise and excellent resistance to motion. It is a natural mold-able material with porous structure, hence better breath-ability and it is also hypoallergenic.  It is comfortable and suitable for people who have back problems.

Tips on Choosing a Mattress

1. VIEW it – take a general look to see if the surface is leveled flat, quilting is done without exposing threads of holes.

2. PRESS it – give the mattress a firm press, also on the corners to see how it responds to pressure. See if the filling material collapse or weakens with pressure and also to see how the material bounces back to your palm.

3. LISTEN to it – Does it squeak when you press on?

4. SMELL it – Although it is completely normal to smell a little ‘man-made’, see if you recognise any irritating chemical odour.

Factors to Consider when buying a mattress

1. Size and Thickness – Buy mattress size that matches to your bed frame and pay attention to how thick it is, as this would result in overall height of your bed to hop on every night.

2. Firmness – This would greatly depend on personal preference however parents need to consider getting a medium to medium-firm mattresses for your young ones given children and young teens’ spine is still developing hence firmness matters the most to them.

3. How much support do you need – for people who has back problems you want to choose something like zoned pocket spring mattresses or mattress with higher bouncing ability. If you have someone like a sick patient at home who need to spend all time in bed, you want to choose mattress with best breath-ability and comfort. If you have rather sensitive skin then you would want to choose mattress made with hypoallergenic material.

4. Packaging – although it sounds rather irrelevant but if you ask people who lives in an apartment or 3-leveled townhouse, they would tell you mattress packaging matters! It would be sensible to choose vacuum packed mattress in cases like this. It is rolled up for transport purpose – so it can be send to you through courier or freight. So it could stay small and trouble-free until your bed is all set and ready to go.

When do I need a new mattress?

1. When your current mattress is no longer working for you, for example, if you recently changed your job that involves more walking and labour, then you really want to treat yourself with mattress with higher comfort level.

2. When your current mattress is 7-10 years old. No mattress can last forever and the generally they last 7 to 10 years. The innerspring would become fatigue results in decreased elasticity; the filling material such as foam would deform over time; not to think about the accumulated moist and dead skin over the years……. Okay! No matter how expensive your mattress is, sooner or later it needs to be replaced.

3. When your current mattress is showing signs of sagging or great abrasions, odour, inner squeaky noise.

Mattress general Maintenance

1. Keep the label – especially when they are sewn into the edge of the mattress.

2. Use mattress protectors – waterproof ones would be great! You want to minimise any moist that could go into the deep inner mattress.

3. Turn your mattress – depending on if you have a double-sided mattress, you could flip it over and upside down from time to time. Single-sided mattress could only be turned upside down. This is to even out the weight pressure to prevent it from sagging.

4. Apply even pressure – this means no jumping up and down on the bed and even if your mattress would be okay, you gotta also consider if it is okay for your bed frame to bear this acute weight.

5. Avoid sitting on the edge – this could result in uneven pressure being applied and could damage structure of the mattress edge causing it to deform. Vacuum packed on the other hand generally don’t have edge support in order to be rolled up so you would find these mattresses less supportive on the edge.