Do Cats Need Cat Trees Scratching Posts?

Do Cats Need Cat Trees Scratching Posts?

Cat owners would be nodding to the fact on how your furry masters naturally love to play hide-and-seek. Most of the time, they could stay hidden for a long long time to enjoy their time being quiet and alone.

Cats generally have ultra high awareness and they could be staying alerted even they could look like they are taking a doze.  It is their natural instinct telling them ‘jump up and hide’ and often being hysterical for no good reason. In cases where they have the need to hide themselves, just do your cat a favour and don’t drag him out.  They need their own space every now and then to cope with this planet with loads of stress.

Cats Hiding places

Every cat would have different reason to hide themselves, sometimes it just want a peaceful undisturbed afternoon nap; urge to run away from that annoying slobbery monster at the corner of the couch; run away from kids who pull on its tail; or it can just because your cat is shy or under stress at the time.

To appreciate your cat could be as easy as providing a place for them to hide and you are the only person who knows their habits the best – simply make them a cozy bed in their hidey hole or in the closet.

So I made a comparison on some purrrfect hidey ideas:

Buy Cat Tree NZ 1BINGO Cat Tree 200cm 8 Levels

Hidey hole – YES  Platform – YES  Hammock – YES            Bed – YES                          Toy – YES                      Price –  $  119.99


Buy Cat Tree NZ 2BINGO 150CM Cat Tree House

Hidey hole – YES          Platform – YES          Hammock – YES              Bed – NO                             Toy – YES                        Price –  $  64.99


Buy Cat Tree NZ 3BINGO Cat Tree 158cm 6 Levels

Hidey hole – YES          Platform – YES          Hammock – NO             Bed – YES                        Toy – YES                       Price –  $  89.99


Buy Cat Tree NZ 4BINGO Cat Tree 160cm 5 Levels

Hidey hole – YES          Platform – YES          Hammock – YES             Bed – YES                          Toy – YES                        Price –  $  89.99


Buy Cat Tree NZ 5BINGO 80CM Cat Tree House

Hidey hole – YES          Platform – YES          Hammock – NO                    Bed – NO                                Toy – YES                                Price –  $  59.99


Buy Cat Tree NZ 6BINGO Cat Tree 80cm  3 Levels

Hidey hole – YES          Platform – YES          Hammock – NO               Bed – NO                            Toy – YES                         Price –  $  42.99

How to Assemble Dog Kennel- Roof Assemble Tips

How to Assemble Dog Kennel- Roof Assemble Tips

From dog kennel installation post we walked through some tips on how to set up a BINGO chain link dog kennel run, but we stopped at the part where we thought everything is all good to go. It indeed was on that bright and sunny afternoon.

About 2 weeks later, on a Monday morning after a weekend of rain and storm,  I came to our site only to find this:

Almost immediately, I figured it was the issues we’ve had from the stories I heard from Customer Service Team!

“The water pooling on top of the dog run roof and weigh the cover down!”

On top of mind, a few comments over the years even mentioned this tremendous weight eventually made the roof collapse.

Does this sound like the problem or issue you are getting? Then you will be surprised on how easy to fix this!

All I did was took a close look and found this was because the elastic loops wasn’t being tied ‘further down’ enough.

I tied these elastic ties about 1 grid down since I was sure it should not be too much further downwards to risk the rip and tear of fabric around the metal rings.

You want to stretch flat on the tarp enough to stop water pooling, so when it rains, the water would just run down on both sides along the sloped tarp.

At the time, I just thought: Hmmmm, let’s see how this goes.  And walked away, completely had this out of my mind.

It is about another 2 -3 weeks now and I am happy to announce: IT WORKED!

We’ve had a rough week with the wind and occasional rain, a couple of heavy rain during the week and strong wind.

At the end, all it happened was how the strong wind blown the Dog Run and moved it a bit – this is because the only spot we could display these large outdoor products was on our open grass ground, while nothing should really be installed in open area though considering about safety when it comes to residential areas.

So please do get your BINGO Dog Run anchored to the ground if you ever need to and by this shared tip, you should no longer get water pooling.

At least it did not happen at all ever since!

Come and check it out by visiting TreasureBox Auckland show room on North Shore during business days ❤