Create Your Bedroom with Our New Dressing Table

Dressing table is a must have items in your bedroom which will help you start your day. With such a small part of your bedroom, you can easily organise your makeup, perfume, hair tools and can help you to find your cosmetics quickly. If you are considering a dressing table for your home, here are three new dressing table for you to make your bedroom more beautiful.

CYCLAMEN Dressing Table

This CYCLAMEN Dressing Table Set will make you pleased and stay in a pleasant mood whenever you sit on it and will keep all your items organised and tidy while adding a modern touch to any room. It features a large drawer and 4 tier open shelves that provides ample storage space for your makeup essentials and keeps your cosmetics and fashion accessories in order. The hidden storage shelves offer ample storage space to keep your personal essentials, while come with a padded stool that provides you with superior comfort when you rest on it.

CARNATION Dressing Table

If you are looking for an exquisite and elegant dressing table in your home, you must not miss this elegant and stylish dressing table set! This CARNATION Dressing Table is sure to look perfect in your bedroom at home. It comes with 4 spacious drawers, 1 small drawer and shelves that offer ample storage space to store your personal essentials and you can also use the 3 tier open shelves to keep your cosmetics and fashion accessories in order. The cushioned bench will provide a comfortable seat when you do your make up.

CROCUS Dressing Table

This CROCUS dressing table with a charming appearance offers practical functions that are an excellent addition to your bedroom. It has a table top and shelves for you to display and organise all kind of your cosmetics in order. And the 2 spacious drawers allow you to store makeup and perfumes in a properly organised manner. It come with a padded stool that will provide a comfortable seat when you do your make up. It is a remarkable dressing table that will let you enjoy your everyday dressing and makeup. 

Create your own personal beauty salon at home with our new dressing table set and investing in a smart little dressing table to make your bedroom over into a chic feel. Shop our dressing table on Treasurebox now!

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