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NZ vs AU Mattress Sizes: Your Quick Guide

A Detailed Comparison Guide

by Eric Zhou
NZ vs AU Mattress Sizes

NZ vs AU Mattress Sizes Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Mattress Sizes
  2. Single Mattress Dimensions
  3. King Single Mattress Dimensions
  4. Double Mattress Dimensions
  5. Queen Size Mattress Dimensions
  6. King Size Mattress Dimensions
  7. Super King Size Mattress Dimensions
  8. Differences in Mattress Sizes between NZ and AU
  9. Conclusion and Mattress Size Recommendations

Mattress Size Comparison Table

Mattress Size NZ Dimensions AU Dimensions
Single 92cm x 188cm 92cm x 188cm
King Single 107cm x 203cm 107cm x 203cm
Double 138cm x 188cm 138cm x 188cm
Queen 153cm x 203cm 153cm x 203cm
King 168cm x 203cm
Super King 183cm x 203cm 168cm x 203cm

Introduction to Mattress Sizes

Before we delve into the comparison of mattress sizes in NZ and AU, ensure you’re equipped with the basics by checking our New Zealand Bed and Mattress Size Guide 2019.

Single Mattress Sizes

In both NZ and AU, a single mattress measures 92cm x 188cm. While this may seem compact, it can fit comfortably into most spaces, making it an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms, guest rooms, or smaller bedrooms where space is at a premium. Despite its size, a single mattress can comfortably support one adult or child for a good night’s sleep.

King Single Mattress Sizes

For those looking for a little more sleeping space, the king single might be the perfect solution. Measuring 107cm x 203cm in both NZ and AU, the king single offers extra width and length perfect for growing children or taller adults. This size can provide a more spacious sleep experience without taking up too much room.

Double Mattress Sizes

Measuring 138cm x 188cm in NZ and AU, double mattresses are a step up in size from the king single. Ideal for solo sleepers who like plenty of room, they can also comfortably accommodate two adults who don’t mind cozying up. A double mattress could also be suitable for guest rooms or smaller master bedrooms.

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

The queen size mattress, measuring 153cm x 203cm in NZ and AU, is a popular choice for couples. It provides ample space for two adults to sleep without disturbing each other, and its additional length can accommodate taller individuals. It’s also a luxurious choice for solo sleepers who love plenty of space.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

King size mattresses, at 168cm x 203cm, provide a generous sleeping area for couples who enjoy space or for families who enjoy weekend morning snuggles. In NZ, this size is referred to as a King, while in AU, it’s labelled as a Super King. Its generous dimensions require ample room, so it’s essential to ensure your bedroom can accommodate this size.

Super King Size Mattress Dimensions

The Super King is exclusive to NZ, measuring a sprawling 183cm x 203cm. This mattress size offers the ultimate in space and comfort and is perfect for large bedrooms and for those who enjoy the luxury of space when sleeping.

Differences in Mattress Sizes between NZ and AU

The main difference lies in the King and Super King sizes. What Kiwis call a King size is referred to as a Super King in Australia. The Super King size does not exist in AU, and they refer to NZ’s Super King as their King.

Conclusion and Mattress Size Recommendations

We hope this article has helped you understand and compare the “NZ vs AU Mattress Sizes”. Remember, choosing the right mattress size is essential for a comfortable and restful sleep. For more details, refer back to our New Zealand Bed and Mattress Size Guide 2019.

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