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New Zealand Bed and Mattress Size Guide 2023

Your Comprehensive Reference Based on Industry Standards

by Antarctic Orca

New Zealand Beds and Mattresses Size Guide 2023




Single Bed Size 91 x 188cm
King Single Bed Size 107 x 203cm
Double Bed Size 137 x 188cm
Queen Bed Size 153 x 203cm
King Bed Size 165 x 203cm
Super King Bed Size 183 x 203cm

Understanding the intricacies of bed and mattress sizes becomes vital as these dimensions can notably vary across different countries. For instance, the dimension of a Single bed in the USA stands at 97 x 191cm, while its counterpart in New Zealand is a slightly snugger 91 x 188cm.

At TreasureBox, we commit to upholding New Zealand’s bed size standards across our entire range, ensuring compatibility across brands and series. This allows our customers to purchase with confidence, knowing that their selected mattress will seamlessly fit any standard-sized New Zealand bed.

While choosing the ideal mattress involves selecting the right material and incorporating the latest sleep technology, size is equally critical. A common misconception is that the largest available size equates to the most comfortable sleep. However, several factors influence the ‘right’ size for each individual.

To assist you in your selection process, we’ve compiled six key considerations, underpinned by industry data and research, to ensure you choose the right NZ bed and mattress sizes:

Tip 1: Account for Body Size

A comfortable sleep is a universal need, regardless of an individual’s physique. For those intending to sleep alone, the selection process is typically more straightforward. If a King Single bed feels constrained, upgrading to a Double bed could resolve the issue. The following formula can act as a useful guide:


Bed width = Body width + 20cm on each side (total of 40cm)

Bed length = Body height + 20-30cm


Bed width = Total body width of couple + 20cm on each side (total of 40cm) + 20cm in between

Bed length = Height of the tallest person + 20-30cm

Statistically, Queen size bed dimensions are the most favored choice in New Zealand, given these calculations.

Tip 2: Evaluate Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions considerably influence the ideal bed size. For instance, sprawlers or ‘freefall’ sleepers might benefit from a larger bed. Side sleepers, especially those of above-average height, might also necessitate more bed width for optimal comfort.

Tip 3: Assess Room Size

While the allure of a King or Super King bed is undeniable, practicality must take precedence. The dimensions of your room play a crucial role in the bed size selection. A good rule of thumb is to ensure an extra 50-70cm on each side of the bed, alongside accounting for other bedroom furniture.

Tip 4: Consider Bed Base and Overall Height

Our customers at TreasureBox need not worry about sizing compatibility between bed frames and mattresses. However, those with a box spring or raised bed base should exercise caution when choosing a deep mattress to prevent discomfort, especially for children’s beds.

Tip 5: Decide on Bedding Preference

Bedding choices can significantly impact the space between the bed frame and mattress. Some customers prefer a simple setup with standard NZ bed sheets, while others opt for a more layered approach involving various bedding elements.

Tip 6: Future-proof Your Selection

Anticipating future lifestyle changes can significantly impact your choice of bed size. Factors such as family expansion, moving homes, or changes in cohabitation should be considered before making a final decision.

Selecting the perfect bed and mattress sizes can seem like an arduous task. With this comprehensive guide based on industry standards and backed by empirical data, we aim to streamline your selection process and ensure restful, rejuvenating nights ahead.

If you want to know more about mattress sizes and understand the differences between mattress sizes in Australia and New Zealand, please click on this link: NZ vs AU Mattress Sizes: Your Quick Guide.


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